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DLST mutations in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma cause proteome hyposuccinylation and metabolic remodeling
Sara Mellid, Fernando García, Luis Javier Leandro-García, Alberto Díaz-Talavera, ángel Mario Martínez-Montes, Eduardo Gil, Bruna Calsina, María Monteagudo, Rocío Letón, Juan María Roldán-Romero, María Santos, Javier Lanillos, Carlos Valdivia, Natalia Martínez-Puente, Javier de Nicolás-Hernández, Scherezade Jiménez, Manuel Pérez-Martínez, Emiliano Honrado, Javier Coloma, Ana Cerezo, Clara María Santiveri, Manel Esteller, Ramón Campos-Olivas, Eduardo Caleiras, Cristina Montero-Conde, Cristina Rodríguez-Antona, Javier Mu?oz, Mercedes Robledo, Alberto Cascón
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 5/4/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12427
Risk of cardiovascular disease among parents of children diagnosed with cancer: a population‐based study from Denmark and Sweden
Qianwei Liu, Krisztina D László, Dang Wei, Carsten Obel, Fen Yang, Katja Fall, Unnur Valdimarsdóttir, Maria Feychting, Jiong Li, Fang Fang
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/30/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12426
Perivascular localized cells commit erythropoiesis in PDGF‐B‐expressing solid tumors
Kayoko Hosaka, Chenchen Wang, Shiyue Zhang, Xue Lv, Takahiro Seki, Yin Zhang, Xu Jing, Jieyu Wu, Qiqiao Du, Xingkang He, Yulong Fan, Xuan Li, Makoto Kondo, Masahito Yoshihara, Hong Qian, Lihong Shi, Ping Zhu, Yuanfu Xu, Yunlong Yang, Tao Cheng, Yihai Cao
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/29/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12423
Triple combination targeting PI3K, ER, and CDK4/6 inhibits growth of ER‐positive breast cancer resistant to fulvestrant and CDK4/6 or PI3K inhibitor
Leena Karimi, Carla L. Alves, Mikkel G. Terp, Martina Tuttolomondo, Neil Portman, Sidse Ehmsen, Lene E. Johansen, Martin Bak, Elgene Lim, Henrik J. Ditzel
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/26/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12425
Antitumoral effects of cannabis in Notch1-mutated T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Elazar Besser, Anat Gelfand, Gil Moshe Lewitus, Hila Novak-Kotzer, Shiri Procaccia, Paula Berman, Igal Louria-Hayon, Inbar Shreiber-Livne, Yishai Ofran, David Meiri
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/21/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12422
Knowing nodal Rouviére: the power of human intelligence in toxicity reduction
Annie W. Chan
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/17/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12419
Real-world outcomes of niraparib treatment in patients with ovarian cancer: a multicenter non‐interventional study in China
Jin Li, Jianhua Yang, Huafeng Shou, Lin Zhang, Xiaohong Huang, Xuedong Tang, Fei Zheng, Fang Liu, Hao Wen, Huijuan Yang, Huaying Wang, Ziting Li, Xiaojun Chen, Xingzhu Ju
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/11/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12418
Advanced precision modeling reveals divergent responses of hepatocellular carcinoma to combinatorial immunotherapy
Jinping Liu, Lan Cheng, Hilana El-Mekkoussi, Charles-Antoine Assenmacher, Michelle Y. Y. Lee, Danielle R. Jaffe, Kaisha Garvin-Darby, Ashleigh Morgan, Elisabetta Manduchi, Jonathan Schug, Klaus H. Kaestner
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/10/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12421
High baseline tumor burden‐associated macrophages promote an immunosuppressive microenvironment and reduce the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors through the IGFBP2‐STAT3‐PD‐L1 pathway
Zhaowei Wen, Huiying Sun, Zhihua Zhang, Yannan Zheng, Siting Zheng, Jianping Bin, Yulin Liao, Min Shi, Rui Zhou, Wangjun Liao
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/8/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12420
Plasma small‐extracellular vesicles enriched in miR‐122‐5p promote disease aggressiveness in pediatric anaplastic large‐cell lymphoma
Damanti Carlotta Caterina, Ferrone Lavinia, Gaffo Enrico, Garbin Anna, Tosato Anna, Contarini Giorgia, Gallingani Ilaria, Angioni Roberta, Molon Barbara, Borile Giulia, Carraro Elisa, Pillon Marta, Scarmozzino Federico, Dei Tos Angelo Paolo, Pizzi Marco, Ciscato Francesco, Rasola Andrea, Biffi Alessandra, Bortoluzzi Stefania, Lovisa Federica, Mussolin Lara
[ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 4/4/2023   doi:10.1002/cac2.12415

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Gastric cancer  


Edited by Yun Dai and Li Yan

This thematic series discusses the molecular classifications of gastric cancer by the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Asian Cancer Research Group (ACRG) as well as the implications in personalized therapeutic choices; discusses the evolution of gastric surgery and presents perspectives on surgical techniques in treating gastric cancer; and reviews current and emerging targeted agents as well as immunotherapies in treating gastric cancer. With these advancements in molecular characterization, surgical intervention, and targeted and immunotherapies, gastric cancer will enter a personalized medicine era in the next 5 years.


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Tumor angiogenesis  


Edited by Francesco Pezzella
and Chao-Nan Qian 

Forming efficient vasculature network, also known as tumor angiogenesis, is a critical hallmark in tumor development. Explorations on its underlying molecular mechanisms have resulted in several novel anti-cancer drugs. However, the modest survival benefits from anti-angiogenic therapy have forced us to revisit our understanding on tumor angiogenesis. In this special issue, world-leading experts have contributed their critical thoughts to reveal alternative tumor angiogenesis approaches and potential treatment targets.


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Lung cancer 


Edited by Lin Yan and Wei Zhang  


Lung cancer accounts for approximately 21% of worldwide cancer deaths and a staggering 1.6 million new cases are diagnosed every year. In China, lung cancer has become a particularly challenging disease because of air pollution and smoking. This thematic series discusses the proper use of targeted agents in treating lung cancer, reviews the application of biomarkers in clinical management and drug development, and analyzes the unique challenges in developing novel drugs for lung cancer in China.


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