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China National Medical Products Administration approval summary: anlotinib for the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer after two lines of chemotherapy
Ming Zhou, Xiaoyuan Chen, Hong Zhang, Lin Xia, Xin Tong, Limin Zou, Ruimin Hao, Jianhong Pan, Xiao Zhao, Dongmei Chen, Yuanyuan Song, Yueli Qi, Ling Tang, Zhifang Liu, Rong Gao, Yuankai Shi and Zhimin Yang
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 36
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Letter to the Editor
Microscopic tumor foci in axillary lymph nodes may reveal the recurrence dynamics of breast cancer
Romano Demicheli, Marco Fornili, Patrizia Querzoli, Massimo Pedriali, Saverio Alberti, Christine Desmedt and Elia Biganzoli
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 35
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 6/19/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0381-9
Immune precision medicine for cancer: a novel insight based on the efficiency of immune effector cells
Jean-Fran?ois Rossi, Patrice C?ballos and Zhao-Yang Lu
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 34
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Letter to the Editor
Preferable background filtering for next-generation sequencing analysis in non-small cell lung cancer: pericarcinomatous tissues or peripheral blood lymphocytes?
Yaxiong Zhang, Lianpeng Chang, Wenfeng Fang, Yunpeng Yang, Lanjun Zhang, Shaodong Hong, Huaqiang Zhou, Yanfang Guan, Xin Yi and Li Zhang
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 33
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 6/13/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0378-4
Original article
A homogenized approach to classify advanced gastric cancer patients with limited and adequate number of pathologically examined lymph nodes
Sharvesh Raj Seeruttun, Lipu Xu, Fangwei Wang, Xiaodong Yi, Cheng Fang, Zhimin Liu, Wei Wang and Zhiwei Zhou
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 32
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 6/10/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0370-z
Original article
Modelling the probability of erroneous negative lymph node staging in patients with colon cancer
Carlos Fortea-Sanchis, Erica Forcadell-Comes, David Martinez-Ramos and Javier Escrig-Sos
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 31
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Original article
PD-L1 and PD-L2 expression correlated genes in non-small-cell lung cancer
Trine Vilsboll Larsen, Dianna Hussmann and Anders Lade Nielsen
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 30
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 6/3/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0376-6
Original article
Quality of life outcomes including neuropathy-associated scale from a phase II, multicenter, randomized trial of eribulin plus gemcitabine versus paclitaxel plus gemcitabine as first-line chemotherapy for HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer: Korean Cancer Study Group Trial (KCSG BR13-11)
Ji-Yeon Kim, Seri Park, Seock-Ah Im, Sung-Bae Kim, Joohyuk Sohn, Keun Seok Lee, Yee Soo Chae, Ki Hyeong Lee, Jee Hyun Kim, Young-Hyuck Im, Tae-Yong Kim, Kyung-Hun Lee, Jin-Hee Ahn, Gun Min Kim, In Hae Park, Soo Jung Lee, Hye Sook Han, Se Hyun Kim, Kyung Hae Jung, Yeon Hee Park and Korean Cancer Study Group
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 29
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 5/28/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0375-7
Original article
CMAB009 plus irinotecan versus irinotecan-only as second-line treatment after fluoropyrimidine and oxaliplatin failure in KRAS wild-type
Yuankai Shi, Jin Li, Jianming Xu, Yan Sun, Liwei Wang, Ying Cheng, Wei Liu, Guoping Sun, Yigui Chen, Li Bai, Yiping Zhang, Xiaohui He, Yi Luo, Zhehai Wang, Yunpeng Liu, Qiang Yao, Yuhong Li, Shukui Qin, Xiaohua Hu, Feng Bi, Rongsheng Zheng and Xuenong Ouyang
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 28
[ Abstract ]    [ PDF Full-text ]    [ HTML Full-text ]     [ PubMed]   Epub: 5/24/2019   doi:10.1186/s40880-019-0374-8
Letter to the Editor
Is cancer-related death associated with circadian rhythm?
Shing Fung Lee and Miguel Angel Luque-Fernandez
Cancer Communications 2019 39: 27
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